About Us


The UP-TOP RIDERS M/C, mission is to promote a positive image for all motorcyclists.  Our family values, brotherhood for all, along with the respect for others, helps us stay in the mainstream with our community, and other communities alike.  The family environment that we have created is something that riders from all walks of life can enjoy with us and we can enjoy with them.


In the beginning, UP-TOP RIDERS M/C was just some guys that Love to ride.  As time went on we found ourselves attending a lot of motorcycle events and having a good time.  As time went on, we found ourselves wanting to join a good and positive club, so why not create?  From that brotherhood, UP-TOP RIDERS M/C was founded, September  13, 2004


The name was created when there were just three (3) of us; two from the Northeast, and the other from the Southeast.  We would do a lot of riding around ATL and other places, and when someone would asks where are you guys from we would always say from “Up-Top” and from that the name UP-TOP RIDERS M/C was created.


WE’RE ALL WE GOT” –  Every time we would go riding and see all of the other clubs out there, it always looked as if we were by ourselves.  While we were few in numbers and not yet a club, no one from the other clubs really knew us.  We would always say among ourselves… “WE’RE ALL WE GOT”.


President            “The RANGER

Vice President   “JP

Sgt of  arm        ” ROCK “